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Literary Award Jean-Paul-Preis 2013

State Minister Dr. Spaenle awards writer Petra Morsbach (more information on the prize)


Science Night

State Secretary Bernd Sibler opens the event in
Erlangen-Nuremberg (more information in German)


New Bachelor Degree Programme at
Straubing Center of Science

State Secretary Sibler welcomes first students (more information in German)


Student Numbers Reach Record High This Year

72,000 young people start studying in Bavaria in 2013 (link to press release in German)


Bavaria: A Place For Science

Bavarian universities 
offer bright prospects 
for bright people.


Bavaria: A Place for Research

Fostering research
Bavaria fosters innovation.


Bavaria: A Place for Art

In Bavaria, 

Universities in Bavaria – 
Room for Talents

Bavarian universities are hotbeds of ideas doing excellent research and giving a first-class education to students. The State Ministry of Sciences is committed to providing ideal conditions for effective and successful university studies in all of Bavaria.

Hochschule und Studium - Trenner


internationalisation of its universities - study in bavaria

Bavaria is to be made fit for the future - together with strong partners from around the world. That is why the Free State opts for the internationalisation of its universities

Research in Bavaria –
Room for Innovation

We can meet the challenges of the future by applying new scientific findings. To further strengthen Bavaria as a location for ground-breaking innovations, the State Ministry of Research fosters national and international networks of scientific expertise.

Forschung und Vernetzung - Trenner

Health Research

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In the Free State of Bavaria, scientists carry out world-class research, particularly in the field of health research.

Art and Culture in Bavaria – 
Room for Creativity

Art and culture form identities and spur fresh ideas. From world-renowned state collections and vibrant theatres to devoted amateur musicians, the State Ministry of the Arts promotes artistic and cultural diversity all over Bavaria.

Kunst und Kultur - Trennung

UNESCO Cultural Heritage

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Bavaria is characterized by its rich cultural heritage – monuments and ensembles, documents and traditions. Examples of particularly great significance have been listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.